FREE Stock photo pack

FREE Stock photo pack

Add to cart to receive a FREE pack of 2 photos taken by MIVIDA JDM that you may use as Stock Photo for non commercial use, to practice with or to build upon. 

Feel free to send any questions or inquiries to 

Your Stock Photo Pack will come with:

  • 4 JPEG photos taken by MIVIDA JDM 
  • Suggestions for practice exercises in Photo Shop, Light Room Classic, or your preferred software (email me) 
  • Rights to use the 2 images for learning purposes, non commercial use only. These images are not for sale, and are not to be used for monetary reasons. 


Your info will be on file as a recipient of this photo pack, these images are not to be transferred to other recipients.These images are not to be used for monetary reasons. Anyone who violates these terms will be considered as infringing on the work of MIVIDA JDM. 

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