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updated October 25, 2018 effective immediately.

updated July 2019 effective immediately REMINDERS and notices (see notices with three asterisks***)

updated/reviewed Nov 8, 2019 as a whole.

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-Sales Policy


-Cancellation policy

-Intellectual Property Notice


-Do's and Dont's are written out in depth 

Each service provided, and each product for sale have their own unique terms based on the client or project needs are will be specified in your custom invoice, however the general terms are listed below for tangible goods, services rendered, administrative and creative service etc. 



All sales of hand-made art works are final. They are one of one, they are not to be altered in any way, re sold or copied, they are the Artists intellectual property thus creation and all rights are reserved. Failing to respect these terms will result in legal action. Please do not infringe on any of the art / content.

All services rendered are final. If you need additional services or have concerns regarding services, please contact us immediately and we will work with you to resolve your request or concern. Please allow 48 business hours for a response with emails. Text messaging is NOT a primary method of reach, please email MIVIDAJDM@iCloud.com for all business matters.

Services provided will have a contractual agreement  or list of terms attached. Unique terms and conditions are listed in the invoice given to you. Paying the invoice serves as an agreement that you have read the terms written prior to paying and you agree to them. If a contract or agreement is breached MiVida JDM LLC will have right to seek legal action. (For example, issues of non-payment etc) Failure to pay a balance will also result in delay of goods being delivered or services being rendered. 

All work for hire contracts are customized to the booking, see your invoice and or contracts for those details. 

Any representative sent to work with you on behalf of MiVida JDM LLC is contracted to not solicit unwanted services or information, and has a task list for the booking given to them by MIVIDA JDM LLC. Any additional requests that were not initially discussed WILL incur additional fees and must be booked directly with MiVida JDM LLC, not the contractor. 


***Re: contractors via MIVIDA JDM; IF you attempt to create new requests with contractor sent to you via JDM you WILL receive an invoice for additional requests, and or have your entire project cancelled if anything unacceptable occurs such as contacting anyone other than MIVIDA JDM regarding your project and making demands, or soliciting unwanted contact. Your inquiries are to go directly through MIVIDAJDM@iCloud.com. THANK YOU 

***Re: Custom Art Works or requests; Your custom request includes fees associated with all aspects of creation, consultation, supplies, labor, etc. All sales are FINAL. All art listed on internet may vary in color across different screens, if you have questions please ask before purchasing an item.

REMINDER All images / art / content on website are copy-written. All rights reserved. Please do not reproduce without permission. 



You are contracting a freelance artist. You are agreeing to their terms and conditions. Please refrain from making assumptions that all companies operate the same, this is a privately owned small business. With each custom invoice for services rendered or items purchased, a detailed description based on your consultation is attached. If you are quoted and feel like you would like to change a service after you have already received a quote, be prepared for the quote to reflect a change accordingly for your new or modified request. 

MiVida JDM LLC provides a detailed consult prior to any custom order or booking approval to ensure that client and provider expectations are understood and met. For production of any type a pre-production meeting will take place to determine details for production. You will also be updated during post production of progress and or any notes from editing that require your participation. Post Production turnaround time depends on a project to project basis and your cooperation will also determine an ETA. 

The same applies to art, consultations are held prior to projects beginning, please see above.

PLEASE NOTE ***ETA means ESTIMATED time or arrival of digital content or custom art work/tangible item. Estimations in delivery will vary based on complexity of clients requests and or assets available for finalization, as well as client approval in post. Your contract will indicate how many revisions or requests you have allotted to your project. Your additional requests do not count within ETA time as they will extend post production or creation/delivery of item digitally or in person. If you have an ETA given, but your participation is delayed, that will extend your ETA to a new date. 

MiVida JDM LLC does not offer "shoot and non-edit" bookings at this time, you may make a request but that service is reserved for select productions. That means MVJ LLC Does not take any visuals and turn over raw/unedited files. All visual content collected by MiVida JDM LLC is to be reviewed and edited by MVJ LLC unless an agreement is made outside of the norm. The quotes provided for visual art services include specific details and ranges for the content that is collected and edited and will vary on a project to project basis. The content belongs to MiVida JDM LLC and is NOT for re sale by any other entity. The quote provided to you covers the service and the edit, not the copyright/ownership. Clients may use images or video provided by MiVida JDM LLC for non commercial or non profit promotional use or as agreed upon during pre booking consultation, non-profit, educational and archival purposes only. Images and Footage are not to be altered dramatically, and watermark is not to be edited or removed. Additional client and provider expectations are discussed during your consult. Please read all terms and conditions and policies in full. MiVida JDM LLC Reserves the right to use all visuals collected for promotional use and marketing. If anyone would like to purchase additional content that was outside of a quote for a booking they may contact MiVida JDM LLC directly in writing. 

***Once again. Failure to respect the terms and conditions will lead to you being required to remove any content from all digital platforms that does not comply with terms. Any digital content transferred to you with or without cost is solely for Private, Non commercial, or Non Profit PROMOTIONAL use only unless you lease the content for commercial rights, please follow the respective terms for your content. 

MiVida JDM, LLC is not responsible for any third party set design, decor design, or event property issue if MVJ is not the hired set designer, venue/event coordinator, or venue designer. Any decor or location issues must be resolved with whomever is responsible. I.E. Prop/Set design set up by a third party where we have arranged to have a photo or video shoot. 

If you require modifications to any photo or video outside of original specs in booking, there will be an extra respective charge.**


Regarding any hand-made or digital art, it is imperative that specifications are understood prior to creation as they may not be altered, or if it is possible it may be time consuming. Any modifications or changes after something has been completed or approved will be billed to client accordingly be it hourly or flat quote based on the needs. For example; "Can you make my painting oil instead of Acrylic paint" is not possible once materials have been used and painting is made. 

We ask prior to creation what you want in detail.



ALL bookings of all types require a deposit or to be paid in full to lock the services into schedule and begin pre-production or booking needs. Your deposit goes toward your overall quote and is non-refundable. Your deposit may cover associated expenses with booking therefore it must be paid in a timely fashion and or you must cancel in a respected time frame to avoid additional fees.

***Failure to meet your deposit needs in agreed time frame will delay your services, or simply not guarantee availability for your project on MIVIDA JDM CALENDAR. You will be entered into a wait list if you are late on payments. If you are more than 30 days late MIVIDA JDM has the right to cancel your project indefinitely and or charge new hourly fees to work on your requests.

Custom art work: 75% of final price/quote is mandatory prior to custom work taking place, remaining 25% is due prior to shipping or exchange. (each client’s needs may vary, so contract will state final terms and conditions). In most cases the fee is not hourly it is a flat and that is required upfront. 

Service Bookings: 75% of final price/quote is mandatory prior to work taking place, remaining 25% is due the day of booking. (each client’s needs may vary, so contract will state final terms and conditions). In most cases the fee is not hourly it is a flat and that is required upfront. 

If you are booking a service in person (for example a photo shoot) or anything else that is booked in hourly or half day/full day increments, please read the following:

All service bookings done in advance require a 75% non-refundable deposit to lock the date and time, and the remaining 25% of booking is to be paid prior to or no later than on the day of service, no exceptions. If you fail to show up, or if you cancel last minute (in less than 72 hours-30 days or whatever time frame is written into your invoice based on needs) a penalty fee will be applied in the amount of 25% of your total booking fee. You also do not have opportunity to have any of the deposit refunded (in the event that you paid in full or more than needed). You will also be charged for any associated expenses attached to that booking that were incurred- for example, location bookings, staff bookings, equipment and or supplies purchased. See full details under cancellation section.

 In some cases, a RETAINER FEE is applied, the retainer fee will be returned to you at end of business day or 48 hours after services are rendered upon inspection of contract and agreement to be sure contract was not breached and or no theft or damages occurred with equipment etc.. 

Special agreements or rules apply to contracted work, short term or long term. Those terms would be listed in contract and are generally the same or close to the above mentioned terms.










Q: What if I want to make a payment arrangement regarding a booking? What if I am splitting the costs with someone else? 


A: We can do individual invoices as needed, and come to agreements if necessary for repeat customers/ long term contracts. We are flexible as long as all entities are professional and timely.

Please note that each payment made has a processing fee which means if payment is broken up in installments they will have their own respective fees based on method and time of payment. ** 10/25/18

Effective Nov 1, 2018 Paypal Minimum Processing Fee/Handling will be raised from 3% to 4% to cover administrative and financial institution fees. **



Each client project / booking has an individual ETA/turnaround time typically ETA (estimated time of arrival) is 2-3 weeks for visuals unless otherwise discussed or unless you request to pay for a rush fee. ETA will be as stated however it can be affected if client does not comply with intake or necessary document or file transmittal and or if client does not communicate during the post production editing process as needed with service provider. Custom requests require conversations and approvals before finalizing, and a lot of communication throughout the contracted time. If you have a RUSH request, please note there will be a RUSH fee assessed. 




Q: What if I am away on vacation, sick, or unavailable during post and service provider cannot reach me? Can I appoint someone in my place to discuss project? 


A: That is entirely your choice, however instruction should come from same client that made initial contract to avoid any issues. If you have delays or issues that arise, we understand. It happens! Just communicate. As we will do with you as well.





Q: What is a mock up? 


A: A mock up is an example of what you asked us for artistically. If you ask for a digital design, we can create the design and show you a preview which can be modified at your request for complete satisfaction within reason!


A mock up of what you want will be discussed/or shown prior to design approval. This usually applies for digital design work. We do a pencil sketch on paper or a digital mock up prior to painting anything on canvas or creating any digital work, or prior to using any materials that may be permanent or expensive and take longer to modify. 

If mock up is not satisfactory, you may request a modification. 

All art will come personally signed by the artist and or with authenticity certificate. 

Mock ups are included in your sale price; however, they are NOT free. 

If you for any reason choose to not complete a sale, or can-not decide on a mock up: 50% of price/quote is still mandatory for artist's time and labor on mock up.




Our method of transfer for photo and video files is Dropbox. We upload your files to Dropbox for you to download them, and in most cases to communicate regarding your selection for edits. If you would prefer a different method of file delivery, there will be a convenience fee attached to that method. For example- placed on a different source of memory and delivered by mail or in person.


We Offer USB drive file transfer and express shipping to your door on request, fee will be added to your quote should you select this method.


With some video clients we offer uploading the content directly to your channel (YouTube) with the service booking,.(must be discussed at initial time of quote or a fee may be applied)


You are required to review and download or select the images that you want edited within 30 days from the Dropbox or there will be a MONTHLY** fee of $20 for each month that you do not download them or communicate. Please communicate if you need more time or if you have any technical issue. 


Once we upload edited files or send them to you, you are required to make all requests needed for editing within 30 days of receipt, this includes “additional requests”. Please understand that by delaying your feedback or requests, our availability may also be delayed to help you with new or additional requests.


The turnaround time for your product will vary on your cooperation in this matter. We ask that you make a selection as soon as possible if you were offered a number of retouched images, so that we may help expedite those edits. In some cases of photo shoots; the watermarked "for selection only" unedited images will of course be in the Dropbox within a week or so of shooting, so that you may choose from there your allotted amount for post editing. We offer a certain amount of edits within your booking quote, anything additional has a fee per edit which we discuss during consultation.


We mark our raw images as "not to be used/distributed-for selection only" if you crop alter or use images that are not paid for, that is considered breach of contract. Any breached contracts will be brought to the attention of legal department and your viewing rights to folder or files by all means will immediately be revoked. 

If no communication is made after 3 months your files will be archived and removed from Dropbox. If no communication is made in 6 months, the files will be deleted completely and you will be listed as an inactive client, we will assume you have all you need downloaded. 



All online orders from store that are not custom orders will be shipped USPS Priority Mail with tracking information with 1-4 day ETA. 

Your shipping cost will include insurance on the estimated worth of shipment by sellers terms for orders over $100. In some cases smaller orders only have $50 insurance included in lower ship rates, additional insurance has to be purchased.

All orders ship same or next business day for existing merchandise or products upon payment unless they are backordered or being customized.

All custom orders will provide an ETA based on client request, and vary. Upon completion the custom piece will ship with discussed shipping methods available, and will have insurance and tracking info.


Q: Can I request a different form of delivery, or overnight rush?

A: Yes, you may request another method or rush delivery, for an additional fee. Email to discuss special requests.


No returns on custom art orders, no exceptions. No returns on deposits for services rendered. Though we never receive any issues, unforeseen things can happen. We will be happy to help you resolve any issue if it arises as long as you communicate with us directly and immediately within a decent time frame. Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied!


Q: What if something is wrong or my package is missing?

A: If there is any issue that cannot be resolved within 7 days of purchase, a partial refund or replacement shipment can be discussed after submitting in writing an official detailed request with proof of reason for any unresolvable issues; lost package, damaged package, or damaged item. Your request will be reviewed, and a decision will be made in writing.

Item must be sent back in its original packaging and original physical state if your claim is "damages" in order to receive a replacement. Damages do not include accidents or damages made by the recipient (i.e. if YOU spill juice on it or your dog eats it, we are NOT responsible!)



Limited time offers including but not limited to:

 New customer discounts

Customer appreciation promotions

Refer a friend and return customer discounts

Are reflected on site and in promotions.

Coupon codes and flash sales are frequently listed on our social pages and on the site. They are also sent to those who join the email list.



Q: What if I miss a sale, or my code is not working?

A: Email us, we will check for tech issues on codes or let you know when next available coupons are being offered

Q: Where can I place my orders?

A: You may place your custom orders by using the contact us section, and or by adding an item to your cart. Most items on site require a consultation first anyway, so it is best to email for special requests.

Q: If I add an item to my cart but change my mind on order before it begins or is confirmed how do I get my money back?

A: Well we hope that you don't cancel! But sometimes people add the wrong amount in cart, or make a mistake. All orders are final on sales. However, if you contact us the same business day (prior to us mailing or creating the item) before 5pm EST we can cancel the order and refund you. Acceptable reasons would be: wrong quantity or selection in cart not change of heart.


If you want to cancel a custom request that has been added to cart but has not been started due to a mistake, it is simple. We don't start orders unless you have consulted with us anyway, where we ask you to send us the picture reference or the concept request, so great news…You will get your money right back, simply email us same business day/moment of transaction. 



All service bookings done in advance require a 75% non-refundable deposit to lock the date and time with freelancer, the remaining % of booking is to be paid no later than the day of serviceno exceptions. In some instances, we may only charge 50% upfront (based on type of booking).


If you fail to show up, or if you cancel last minute (in less than 72 hours-90 days depending on type of booking) a penalty fee will be applied in the amount of 25% of your total booking fee. That fee is in addition to you losing your deposit of which is non-refundable. Typically private events are booked 6-12 months in advance so we require 90 day or more notice on those based on the volume of services booked, as mentioned if we have to purchase equipment, pre book staff, locations etc many of those parts are non refundable. Shorter term bookings like personal photo shoots can give us 7Ish 2 hours notice for any changes or cancellations, again same applies regarding expenses associated. 


Courtesy cancellations; If you are cancelling for any reason completely, you must do so within specified contract time frame with courtesy and we will work with you to reschedule or provide a partial refund if applicable.


For example; if you're booked months in advance and none of your deposit was needed to place other deposits for services such as location rentals etc, and you need to cancel, we can arrange to refund you a partial amount, however we must still apply a cancellation fee of 25% of total booking fee for the inconvenience. If any of your deposit was used to lock down your request necessities, that portion cannot be refunded. Once again; if you are cancelling in less than 72 hours we have the right to keep the non-refundable amount  % of your booking as mentioned above in the no show / last minute cancellation policy in addition to applying a 25% penalty fee*. 



If you book MiVida JDM LLC for a service and you are late to the booking by more than 30 minutes, she has the right to end the booking on time or charge you 50%-100% of her hourly fee that you were quoted for the time missed or contributed outside of arranged schedule if she agrees to extend her booking time for you.

If you are late on payment, each day that you do not pay a penalty will apply for 5% of your balance until payment is made. You will receive update reminders, and if non-payment is still happening you will be referred to collections. 

We hope that this answers most or all of your questions, any additional specifics can be discussed prior to locking in a contract or making a purchase by communicating via email. 

** = updates 

** ADDENDUM 9/26/2018, 10/25/18, 12/29/2018

*** July and November 2019 addendums


*NO Deposit = NO Booking on calendar + NO spot in design queue + NO Art will begin + Nothing is guaranteed, until you pay initial deposit. 

*Partial Deposit= Date is booked and work is underway. You're IN my work queue in the order of my clients who booked and paid invoices accordingly. Your remaining deposit is due on agreed date/s or you're off my queue. Communication is essential. 

ALL PAYMENTS must be received and CLEARED by the date of installment agreement. That means, if you are using a delayed payment method, give yourself one business week. 

Failure to pay by the date of agreement will result in a LATE FEE as mentioned in terms and agreements on site, and or a loss of spot on calendar. Standard late fee is 5% of the balance for each day it is unpaid, or a minimum $25. NON-Payment will be referred to collections.

My clients time and my time are equally important, delays effect everyone. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. 


Q: What if I pay a portion of my bill and we have already scheduled our project to begin but I cannot pay the remainder of my balance?

A: Your project will be put on hold, and it will re enter my work queue when your payments resume. If your payments do not resume and there is no agreement made to pardon, you will be sent to collections legally.

Q: If I pay late can we still work together? How does it effect our goal dates? 

A: Yes, I will still work with you as long as I have the availability to do so, however our original plans will have to be modified. All clients are given an ETA based on the type of project we do together and the availability for both client and contractor during that time period, interruption in schedule and re-entering schedule does not solidify the same ETA as originally promised. 

Q: If I make a deposit for custom art but I don't pay my remaining balance what happens to the art? 

A: Your deposit more than likely covered supplies / materials for the art not necessarily the labor and creation. Depending how far along the project was, your piece will be kept until your payment is final or sold if non payment happens. Deposits are non refundable. Materials cannot be returned once in use. 

Q: Can I pay half now and half when I receive the project?

A: No you may not, my policy is my policy. I do not charge for my editing or retouching, I typically charge flat rates to provide an economic rate. These rates include expenses associated with your booking. Paying half now and half later does not ensure that I will be able to provide you with what I am planning. It is much easier for me to refund you partially or make modifications as needed in true necessity than for me to chase a client for a remaining balance. 

Q: What if I am in an installment agreement and you have already started the job, but I can't pay the installments?

A: I will pause my progress and resume when you resume your payments, you may have a delayed wait as I will be taking other clients in the interim. 

Q: Is there a time limit on how long you will "hold" my project if I pause payments or plans?

A: Yes, realistically I cannot be available forever. You may have to reschedule or re enter my queue and incur a fee for the inconvenience. I will help you within reasonable limits but typically you have 30 days to communicate your needs before I Archive the request.




Legal Notice

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Privacy Policy

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