MiVida JDM LLC is a mixed media self owned and operated company launched officially in 2016. 

MiVida JDM stands for "My Life, as JDM" 

The owner "JDM" better known as Jackie, is a self taught female artist and mixed media professional from New York specializing in visual art, miniature art, mixed media art, performing arts, business management, event coordination and entertainment. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Mixed Media Arts and Animation. With a passion for helping people and creating unique art works, Jackie has taken it to the next level by offering services of visual art in addition to hand crafted unique art to help capture your memories in her own special way. She even uses customized and unique selections to gift wrap her art works. Jackie has been an artist since childhood, is self taught and also professionally trained.

Jackie has over 16 years experience in Corporate, Industry and Media environments in various roles ranging from management, administrative support, as a media personality and creative artist to name a few. Having a background in management and artistic abilities comes in handy with all services provided as she delivers the utmost professionalism and quality. 

She works as a freelancer at her own pace due to some injuries she sustained that affected her life and left her with physical limitations. With the right to be selective, she carefully accepts each client on a specific basis to be able to provide 100% effort and quality into each job as needed, so you are in good hands. If Jackie is unavailable she has a range of people that she will happily refer you to in her absence, you will never be left without a GO TO!.

Occasionally she hosts art shows presenting her works of art for sale, the pieces can be found here on the shop's page. All announcements of shows, products, or services can be found on this website. 

Custom orders can be made by emailing her directly to inquire : mividajdm@icloud.com 

In the future, non profit events will be held to teach art to others in an effort to spread the craft and make the world just a little bit better :) 

For full resume please visit : Resume


MiVida JDM LLC strives to provide the best content in mixed media and the best service with a personalized feel for each client. The mission is to ensure that all services rendered are done with professionalism, courtesy, care, skill, and thought. The goal is to leave an impact with each job long after it is over, as well as an emotion and appreciation for each art piece created, or memory captured. When art is created and sold, we think of it as being given to a new family and want it to be in good hands. When you book MiVida JDM LLC for services we are here for you from beginning to end. Thank you for your business.