MiVida JDM LLC is a mixed media, entertainment, production and business service based self owned and operated company 

MiVida JDM stands for "My Life, as JDM" 

The owner "JDM" better known as Jackie or "MiVida JDM", is a self taught female Visual Artist, Mixed Media Artist, and Business professional from New York specializing in but not limited to; visual art, graphic design, miniature art, mixed media art, performing arts, film, art direction, business and project management, branding, marketing, event coordination and entertainment, multi media production, and more. Jackie is also known as Jackie da Model / Jackie Speaks. and has an ever growing resume. 

With a passion for helping people and creating unique art works, Jackie officially launched MiVida JDM LLC to provide quality business services, creative direction and art to the masses. She uses customized and unique selections to carefully wrap/package her tangible art works, and she uses critical thinking, brand strategy and unique stylization to provide art, media, and business consultation to her clients.

Jackie has been an artist since childhood, is self taught and also professionally trained. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science Degree in Mixed Media Arts and Animation. Art has been a vice for her throughout life in the most traumatic of times, and she uses it as a therapy for herself and teaches others how to gain better health through art as well.

Jackie has over 18-21+ years experience since 2001 in Corporate, Industry, Indie and Media environments in various roles ranging from management, administrative support, artistry, marketing, promotions, branding, and more as a media personality and creative artist to name a few. Having a background in management and artistic abilities comes in handy with all services provided as she delivers the utmost professionalism and quality. Focusing specifically on small businesses, the company helps to get them started from the ground up and brand them accordingly while teaching them how to maintain a consistent climb in their respective business and maximize their potential. 

Jackie has covered televised and independent events with her visuals locally, nationally, and internationally. She has been featured and published over the course of her career, and continues to strive for excellence and growth to bring the best art and business to her network and clientele. 

Jackie works as a freelancer/SBO at her own pace due to some injuries she sustained that affected her life and left her with some physical limitations. With the right to be selective, she carefully accepts each client on a specific basis to be able to provide 100% effort and quality into each job as needed, so you are in good hands. The motto "QUALITY over QUANTITY" is strong, as Jackie has a strict one on one rule when it comes to clients and scheduling. 

If Jackie is unavailable she has a range of skilled and trustworthy people that she will happily refer you to or send out in her absence, you will never be left without a go to!. Serious inquiries are appreciated, and flexibility to your needs and budget will always be considered and handled within reason.

Occasionally she hosts events in all of the fields of her specialties as well as art shows presenting her works of art for sale or for viewing. Some of the pieces can be found here on the shop's page after the exhibitions. All announcements of shows, products, or services can be found on this website via events link: https://mividajdmllc.com/p/events . Subscribe to the email list for special pre sale announcements or Private Invitations. 

She has exhibited her works at Art Basel, Independent galleries and craft shows, and has also created for businesses and private clients. Jackie volunteers her Art Media and Business services to charitable organizations and some non profits as well as start up businesses frequently.

In the future, her own non profit events will be held to teach art to others, as well as help with career and artist development in respective fields in an effort to spread knowledge and skill and make the world just a little bit better :) 

For now the company does hold raffles, contests, and submission acceptance intervals where time and services are then donated to a select few. 

Custom orders and inquiries can be made by emailing her directly: mividajdm@icloud.com 

For full resume/ CV please visit : Resume (link temporarily disabled) EPK on request * 



Social LINKS

Instagram : 

@MIVIDAJDMVISUALS (photo / film page)

@MIVIDA_JDM_ART (Artist page) 

@MIVIDAJDMLLC (company page)

@deconstructingtrauma (exhibition page)

Recent press:

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Subscription based platform for exclusive content: PATREON MIVIDA JDM 

Portfolio Links are listed here on www.MIVIDAJDMLLC.com


MiVida JDM LLC strives to provide the best content in mixed media/art and the best business and media service with a personalized feel for each client. The mission is to ensure that all services rendered are done with professionalism, courtesy, care, skill, and thought in the best interest of the client. The goal is to leave an impact with each assignment long after it is over, as well as an emotion and appreciation for each art piece created, business built, or memory captured. 

When art is created and sold, we think of it as being given to a new family and want it to be in good hands for years to come. When visuals are created, we want to give you the best memories and representation. Last but not least, bookings for Business services are taken extremely personal to craft the best possible plan for each brand and help them excel. When you book MiVida JDM LLC for services we are here for you from beginning to end. Thank you for your business, we look forward to helping you achieve your goals.