FREE Business Consultation 20 min. (CLUBHOUSE)

FREE Business Consultation 20 min. (CLUBHOUSE)


FREE 20 min Business consultation


I have over 18 years of supervision and management experience. I have worked with a lot of start ups, independent entrepreneurs, and non profits, pro bono and contractually. If you need some assistance with your small business start up, brand or in general; I offer services for all areas and would love to help you. 

This listed item, is for one free business consultation of 20 min-30 min for CLUB HOUSE users who have networked with me. You have the ability to book an additional hour by using add on feature with my rate if you would like more time. We will discuss your brand x business x individual goals and strategies and develop a structured outline of how you can achieve those business goals. Brand Strategy x Marketing x Business Operations x Image x Sales and so much more are my forte let's chat! 

You may either walk away with those gems and do what you need to do or be given the opportunity to utilize additional services from my company or be referred to outsource for your additional needs. 

If you would like to have a consultation add this service to your basket and we may schedule a date and time for an on phone or in person meeting. If you would like to have more time please add to your cart accordingly, or inquire by email for a retainer. 

Terms & Conditions: 

This is a non refundable booking. 

Cancellation policy is 50% of booking before any discount price or coupon should you cancel in less than 72 hours of the scheduled meeting. 

Feel free to contact me with any inquiries. 

On site meetings are in NYC (5 Boroughs) Anywhere else, a travel fee will be applied based on your location. (OOA)

BUSINESS SERVICES include and are not limited to topics of marketing, brand strategy, forming your business, transitioning your business, sales, benchmarking, client demographic discussions, structural planning for all the goals, PR services, writing services, and more. This consultation is a discussion only, if you need to activate a physical service from me those items are separate (creation of content for marketing x sales, and any physical service that requires time labor or appearance are separate)

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