Consultation (30 min) for specific vocation

Consultation (30 min) for specific vocation

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This option is only for those who have already had a full general consultation or specified consultation for their vocation as an entity or a brand. 

A vocation is a person's main occupation or field of employment. (Trade or profession)

MIVIDA JDM is a professional in various fields, the full company bio can be found here: 


This is a base price and is for standard conversations to lightly discuss your inquiries, if you require review of materials that can and may have an additional need for time and consult fee. Please send an email prior. 


The purpose of ongoing consultation in your profession is to develop new strategies to use in your field as you gain experience that will work for you. MIVIDA JDM will help you to trouble shoot through different experiences and give you examples of case studies for educational purposes + more.

Your success will be determined on your self investment to learn, work hard, and to apply yourself in your field.


Consultation is non refundable. 

Payment is due upfront to proceed with booking, or to guarantee block time. 

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