Artist / Career Development Session

Artist / Career Development Session

Following a Business Consultation, some clients require a la carte services such as development for their artistic or brand ideas / businesses. 

If you have already had a business consultation and you are interested in pursuing artist or career development services, you can choose to book a session here which will consist of:



Development for your specified trade / craft 

Brand Strategy 

Marketing and Sales Strategy 

and more. 

I have over 18 years of experience and am happy to walk you through how to proceed with forming your business plan as a brand, individual, talent, artist, or entrepreneur. 

Duration of session begins at 1 hour, I am flexible to add additional time and work with your budget on a case to case basis as needed.

There are add on options for same day bookings to combine other services and save up to 75% off their usual rates.

Inquire within. 

No refunds on sessions. 

FULL terms in terms section. 

You will only see results if you put in the work post session, it takes two. 

Note: These are coaching lessons, and not a guarantee that your field will choose you* It is simply a training and advice session for what to expect and how to proceed for your goals in business. 

Thank you! 

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