Custom Digital Art /Graphic Design services FLASH SALE FLAT QUOTE CONSULT REQUIRED

Custom Digital Art /Graphic Design services FLASH SALE FLAT QUOTE CONSULT REQUIRED


The art shown in this gallery is solely for reference as an example and is not for sale. 

This selection is for graphic design  and digital art. 

This selection is for a custom order of digital art services. You will be properly quoted upon providing your request. These are beginning base prices for custom digital art that includes but is not limited to: Digital drawings, paintings, logos, designs, etc. 

Most digital art can range from a few minutes to a few days or weeks worth of work based on the complexity or fine detail. To order a custom digital art piece, please place your request in writing for a consultation. 

Tell us in detail when checking out what you are requesting.

Please see terms and conditions + policies tab for full details on all. 

Upon payment and consultation an ETA will be given to you for your order delivery. If absolutely needed based on complexity an additional invoice will be given (for bulk or multiple order).

Rush orders will have an a rush fee assessed. 

It will be delivered electronically via email or dropbox. 

The artist reserves all rights to image created, it is not for reproduction modification or re sale. If you would like to buy the rights to the art, please speak with the artist for the details. 

All art created is placed in public online portfolio unless client requests private file, non promotional option. 

Please read terms tab on site for full terms and conditions. 

Thank you!

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